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Red Hook. 2019.  Proposal for public landscape intervention. 

red hook5.jpg
red hook 3.jpg

Plants for phytoremediation: 

Helianthus Annus 

Brassica Juncea 


Salix Alba 

Populus Deltoides 

Sorghastrum Nutans 

Red Hook is an unrealized proposal for the public Red Hook ball fields in Brooklyn, New York. Having previously been the site of a metal refining factory, the fields were closed due to hazardous levels of heavy metals in the site’s soil. This project proposes the mass plantings of various grass and flower species, each with a particular efficiency for phytoremediation. Over a growing season, these plants will germinate and blossom, removing the heavy metals from the soil and storing them in their bodies. At the end of the year, the plants will be safely harvested and processed to extract the heavy metals, which will be made into pigments. 

Heliotrope: the Thames. 2019.  Proposal for public landscape intervention. 

purple river.jpg

Heliotrope is a proposal to solve the ongoing problem of pollution in the River Thames. There have been numerous leaks of untreated human waste and industrial effluent into the Thames since 1850. Purple phototrophic bacteria can be used to convert this waste into clean water and hydrogen energy. 

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