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Yggdrasil, Axis Mundi. 2018. Live spirulina algae, water, plastic, netting, sound, soil, cloth, performance, wood, wax, concrete. 

Community Garden Project 5. 2018. London, UK. Temporary live hydroponics installation. 

Community Garden Project 4.5, wip. 2018. London, UK. Digital mockup for temporary live algae cultivation project. Work in progress. 

Creek Goddess. 2018. 2hr durational performance. Live spirulina algae, water, plastic, makeup, burlap, twigs. 

Siphonophore Project. 2018. Digital 3D model, animation. Work in progress. 

Mythomane. 2018. Various isolated live algae cultures, water, light, steel, PVC, plastic. 

Community Garden Project 4. 2017. Stockport, UK. Permanent hydroponics feature donated to community garden.

7 Rooms. 2017. Collaborative sound installation. Writing by Ezra Jude, Saskia Fischer, Eleni Odysseos, Paul Chapellier.  Voiceover and sound editing by Ezra Jude.

View From Lunar Penthouse. 2017. 

Digital painting. presented on LCD screen.

Oil paint, light-absorbing telescope paint, inkjet print, glitter, on canvas. 15ft x 5ft. 

Digital paintings. presented on LCD screen.

There is an Ocean on the Moon. 2017. Performance art event hosted by Arebyte Gallery, London. Curated by Ezra Jude. 

Bell (Xylem Embolism). 2017. Overturned iron dumpster, sound, rope. 5ft x 5ft x 10ft. 

The audio is an ultrasonic recording of air embolisms popping in the xylem of sycamore tree branches. The audio was installed with surface resonance speakers on the inside of the dumpster. 

Community Garden Project 3. 2016. Rome, Italy. Permanent hydroponics feature donated to community garden. 

Community Garden Project 2. 2016. West Virginia, USA. Fundraised, organized, and constructed new community garden site. 

Siren. 2016. Piano, ambulance siren, timer. 

Terra Series. 2015. Oil paint, ink, on glass. 

#11 (Red) 8ft x 11ft.                                                                                                                                                        #14 (Blue) 8ft x 5ft. 

Genesis, Part 7. 2015. Time lapse video. 

Stratus 3. 2015. Inkjet transfer, watercolor, graphite, on paper. 8ft x 11ft. 

Equus. 2015. Horse hair, glue, ink, on raw canvas. 8ft x 14ft.  

Community Garden Project 1. 2014. Connecticut, USA. Fundraised, organized, and constructed new community garden site.  

Stray Light. 2014. Video, sound, mirrors, light. 40ft x 30ft x 9ft. Still photographs of installation.  

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