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DIY HRT (do it yourself hormone replacement technology. 2019-2021. Genetically modified fennel plants, soil, air, light, performance. 

DIY HRT is a speculative conservatory for gender affirming technology. Using hybridization techniques and gene editing technology, I grew a collection of mutant fennel species: Bronze fennel, Giant Ferula , and Florence Fennel. Naturally producing phytoestrogen, an organic substance that has the effects of estrogen in mammals, I produced generations of these plants with greater and greater concentrations of this bioidentical human hormone. Intended as a means to democratize access to gender affirming hormones, DIY HRT is a project in imagining a future where gender is not monopolized by policy or pharmaceutical companies. Could we grow a garden of hormones in our backyards? And with those gardens, could individuals harvest and synthesize their own gender? 

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